Jeff-Lou Ann

Jeff and Lou Ann trust the Lord to provide personal support through the generosity of His people. Friends and Family and Churches are involved in this mission. You can share in the disciple making ministry in Africa and India by supporting the Hawkins. Thank you for praying and for sharing.


Stephen and Glory are indigenous missionaries in India.

Since 2008 Stephen along with his wife Glory have been working in partnership with Hawkins and Hope Builders Ministries making disciples in India. It is our goal to fully support them in the Mission in India. Partner with Stephen and Glory and share in winning many people to Christ in India.


Indian missionaries

Prabhu and Swarna joined the HBM India team in 2013. Since then they have been tireless in bringing the Disciple Making strategy of HBM to hundreds and even thousands of Churches in the rural unreached parts of Central India. They depend upon the LORD day to day as missionaries in India.


Zambian local Church with HBMZambia

Hope Builders Ministries Zambia is an autonomous indigenous mission partnered with Hope Builders Ministries in the USA. Jeff Hawkins has been the coordinator between HBM and HBMZ since 2008.


How precious is the Written Word of God to you? This book is the voice of God to us today. As we open the pages of Scripture and read we can hear God's SURE Word.
Help us place a Bible in the hands of disciples. It costs between $10 and $25 for a vernacular bible or study bible. Sometimes large quantities/bundles of English bibles can be purchased for less 


Hope Builders Ministries logo describing the multiplying effect of strategic disciple making

Hope Builders Ministries organizes and provides support to indigenous missions. through training materials and conferences, administrative helps, short-term mission partnerships, strategic planning, and material supplies. You can partner with HBM and make disciples to the uttermost parts of the earth.